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If you are positive, there are many other positive people out there that are looking for a relationship and love.  Everyone deserves to find love and happiness and meeting others that are facing the same diagnosis can make dating easy.

Many people that are positive with HIV or AIDS need to disclose this information up front during a new relationship.  When you date others that are positive online, this is a step that you can skip.

You will not have to disclose any of your medical condition to anyone, as this information is already known.  This can help you to start off a relationship without any health conditions becoming the focus.  This can allow you to pursue a relationship with someone that feels more normal.

When you are dating online there are several things that you need to begin thinking about.  You will likely have to create a profile.  If you are on a dating site that is exclusive to those that are positive for HIV or AIDS, you can relax knowing that there are other people with HIV/AIDS looking for a relationship too.  This can allow you to focus your attention on what you have to offer to someone else.

When you are creating your profile you should take some time to make this profile very personal.  You do not want this to sound generic and this should be an accurate reflection of who you are.  Someone will view your profile and they should have a good idea of whom you are and what you have to offer.

Including a picture is something that is often highly recommended.  This should not be a picture from many years ago and this should be as recent as possible.  This is a forum where you will want to be as honest as possible.  You might meet someone really great and you do not want to start off this new relationship with any type of dishonesty.

HIV/AIDS dating is available to anyone that is looking for a chance at meetings someone great.  If you go into this type of dating with an open and honest attitude, you can meet many great people and this can help you to find some companionship in your life.


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